This and that

This and that


This is enough

This, just this 

This idea that pulls us in

This melancholy sweet track

This beauty that transcends 

This impotence of words

This finger that is not the moon

This thusness that is thus

This, just this

This glance that passes between us

This surrender to all that is other

This otherness that I am

This oh so fragile covenant 

This morning song 

This light that rises from the fields

This, just this

This is all there is and ever was

This space that lingers between breaths

This edge without a centre

This thought that carries me with it

This body and mind that drop away

This time inside time

This, just this

This and nothing that this is not

This emptiness of form

This nameless sea into which I am thrown

This calm before the tumult of self

This little death in the immensity of life

This wave that engulfs

This, just this

This seed that kills the bloom

This triumph of the will

This eternally binding contract 

This hand that tightens its grip

This ascension of the flesh

This abominable rapture

That, just that

That casts its shadow over this

That is the realisation that

That is no less this

This is no less that

That and this

This and that

This, just this

Just this. 




June 2022