Film, Mobility and Urban Space

FILM MOBILITY AND URBAN SPACE: A Cinematic Geography of Liverpool

Les Roberts (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2012)

            Preface and Acknowledgements

  1. Cinematic Geography: Mobilizing the Archive City
  2. An Incriminated Medium? The City as Urban Spectacle
  3. Cityscapes: Panoramas and the Mobile Gaze
  4. City Limits: Crossing Boundaries of Place and Identity
  5. Movie-mapping: Cinematographic Tourism and Place-marketing
  6. World in One City: Travel, Globalization and Placeless Space
  7. Cinematic Cartography: Mapping the Archive City


"This is the most interesting film book I have read in years. . . .  an excellent book that is consistently interesting, theoretically smart, and a pleasure to read. [Film, Mobility and Urban Space is] a serious contribution to (and intervention within) film studies (and other disciplines)." Ben Highmore, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, 2011.


"This book gives a detailed map of what has been done recently in relevant fields of study. Roberts’s use of a perspective from cinematic geography provides a unique possibility to study the city as built on mobility and as constituted by multiple connections, and to trace the image of the “city-in-film” both in the past and in the future."   Transfers 3 (2), 2013.