Concrete Island

CONCRETE ISLAND (Les Roberts, 2015)

This video is the product of a gleaning exercise that sought to digitally gather anything that I might later fashion into something tangible upon my return from the island of the title. Concrete Island (the project - see here for information) was inspired in no small part by the book Concrete Island (JG Ballard). The project entailed marooning myself, for a day and a night, on a traffic island located between the north and southbound carriageways of the M53 Mid-Wirral Motorway. GPS tracking data, photographs, sound recordings, video (shot on a cheap Samsung tablet) were all thrown together and then sculpted into a few minutes of audio-visual bricolage designed to allow at least some immersion into an ambient space that is otherwise only experienced fleetingly from the point of view of the motorist or voyager-voyeur.