Utopic Horizons

UTOPIC HORIZONS: Cinematic Geographies of Travel and Migration

Les Roberts (Unpublished PhD Thesis, Middlesex University, 2005)

Introduction (‘Trailer’)

       1. Theoretical Excursions and the Discursive Traveller

  1.1 Outline of a Discursive Field

  1.2 Definitions and Typologies of Travel

  1.3 The Dialectics of Movement and Fixity

  1.4 A Spatial Turn

  1.5 Ideational Displacements: Deterritorialised Spaces of Travel

       2. ‘Merchants of Light’: Travel, Film and the Ulyssean Gaze

  2.1 Travel and Film: Convergent Practices

  2.2 Travelling in Comfort

  2.3 Ulysses’ Gaze

  2.4 The Travails of Modernity: Dis/placing the Nation

       3. Terra Nova: The Spatial Utopics of Travel

  3.1 Ambivalent Trajectories

  3.2 (E)migration and Early Film

  3.3 Journeys of Hope

  3.4 Lost Horizons


       4. From Place to Non-Place

  4.1 Re-orientations

  4.2 Non-places and Any-spaces-whatever

  4.3 Zones of Arrival and Departure

  4.4 Zones of Stasis

  4.5 Zones of Transition

       5. Spaces of Transition: Peripatetic Geographies of the Road

  5.1 The Road Ahead

  5.2 Wandering

  5.3 Roads to Nowhere

  5.4 Spaces of Transition

  5.5 Cultivating Labours

       6. Conclusion: From Non-Place to Place

  6.1 The Filmmaker-as-traveller

  6.2 Utopic Space

  6.3 Cultivating Labours: Cultivating Place


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