One works at the liminal, one plays with the liminoid

(Victor Turner)

LIMINOIDS.COM is a site conceived with a rather vague intent of clustering together various ideas, outputs, activities, connections, articles, publications, images, assorted gleanings, half-baked notions of things that may or may not assume more concrete form, and general information linked to the activities of Les Roberts, a Reader in Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Liverpool and co-director of the Centre for Culture and Everyday Life.

So why 'liminoids'? This is intended as a loose and by no means slavish reference to anthropologist Victor Turner's work on liminality and the idea of 'inbetween spaces' more generally (not to be confused with 'limonoids' which are something else entirely). Why plural? For the prosaic reason that when I first established the website in 2012, 'liminoid.com' was already taken. I've started to come around to the plural form now though, the 's' helps conjure the image of a tribe or group - the liminoids: those who are oriented towards or dwell within spaces inbetween.