Another Space

ANOTHER SPACE (Les Roberts & Hazel Andrews, 2010)

Anthony Gormley's installation 'Another Place' at Crosby Beach has been much photographed and videoed over the years. In this respect, Another Space does not do all that much that any number of other videos that can be found online have set out to do. As an ethnographic film, what does set it apart is its focus not so much on the artwork itself as the way people engage with it as visitors and tourists. The visuals, shot on a visit to the beach in Easter 2009, are cut to a mosaic of voices drawn from interviews with visitors to the beach conducted by students from Liverpool John Moores University, under the supervision of social anthropologist Hazel Andrews. Respondents are asked what the artwork means to them and what feelings and emotions it evokes. An article written to accompany the video was published in the Journal of Tourism Consumption and Practice in 2012 and can be accessed here.