Deep Mapping

DEEP MAPPING Special issue of Humanities

Edited by Les Roberts (2015/16)

  1. Les Roberts – Deep Mapping and Spatial Anthropology
  2. Selina Springett – Going Deeper or Flatter: Connecting Deep Mapping, Flat Ontologies and the Democratizing of Knowledge
  3. Denis Wood – Mapping Deeply
  4. Silvia Loeffler – Glas Journal: Deep Mappings of a Harbour or the Charting of Fragments, Traces and Possibilities
  5. Claire Reddleman – The Deep Mapping of Pennine Street: A Cartographic Fiction
  6. Jos Smith – Anticipating Deep Mapping: Tracing the Spatial Practice of Tim Robinson
  7. James Thurgill – A Strange Cartography: Leylines, Landscape and “Deep Mapping” in the Works of Alfred Watkins
  8. Taien Ng-Chan – Mapping out Patience: Cartography, Cinema and W.G. Sebald
  9. James Cateridge – Deep Mapping and Screen Tourism: The Oxford of Harry Potter and Inspector Morse
  10. Laura Bissell and David Overend – Regular Routes: Deep Mapping a Performative Counterpractice for the Daily Commute
  11. Les Roberts – The Rhythm of Non-Places: Marooning the Embodied Self in Depthless Space
  12. Carenza Lewis – Archaeological Excavation and Deep Mapping in Historic Rural Communities
  13. Giovanni Spissu – Long Street: A Map of Post-Apartheid Cape Town