An invocation.

A north-bound cypher.

A statement of intent.

An ontology of nothing.

A bookmark in time and space.

A war cry.

An automotive mantra breath.

A “bad impression to visitors”.

An aerosol Ferodo bridge-frieze.

A guerrilla banner.

A runic motorway taunt.

A flicker stab of mundane distraction.

A pause.

A fragment of a dislocated sentence.

A talisman of ambulant power.

A paean to boredom.

A prospective football transfer.

A Belgian-Scouse flirtation.

A truncated totem.

A happenstance of letters.

A poem.

(A poem)




February 2014

NILIS: graffiti sprayed on a bridge across the M53 motorway between junctions 5 and 4 northbound .